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How do you quickly work out your outs, and how many do you need?

Outs are often a complicated concept to get your head around when playing poker. So many people look at the cards on the table and don’tthink about the cards that haven’t been played yet. For seasoned poker players though, knowing how many outs are available is an important way to calculate whether bets are worth calling or making. Obviously, this doesn’t take bluffingand other psychological tricks into account, but for the pure statistics calculations that players have to make, knowing your outs is vital. So, how do you quickly work out the number of outs for different hands, and how many are needed for each hand?

Working out your outs

When it comes to working out your outs, your first step is to look at your hand. Here, you will try to decipher what you require for the hand you need. Next, look at the community cards. Do the same here. You will then work out how many cards are included in your hand and in the community cards that make up the hand you want to play. You then count up how many cards are included in the deck to make up this hand. You remove the cards that are in your hand and the community cards from the total and the remaining cards are the outs for that hand. You can learn more poker information from The Mukt if you’re struggling in regard to any terms.

An example of working out the number of outs could be if you are looking for a flush. If you have two spades in your hand and the community cards also have two spades, then this means that four of the 13 total spades have been dealt. This leaves nine spades potentially undealt. So, your total number of outs for this hand is nine. Of course, a great way to practice quickly counting up your outs is to give poker a try as a videogame. From here, you can work on your skills without spending any money. It’s a great way to increase the speed you can work out the outs, and from there how smooth your game will be.

How many outs do you need?

Working out how many outs are needed can often be a step further on from working out the outs. Lots of players see a number higher than five, and from there they will feel that this is enough. No matter how much video poker you play, this won’t help you if you think that five outs are enough to get you by.

The general rule for each out that’s available is that it will award around 4% chance of the cards you need being dealt out. So, if you have 10 outs, there is a 40% chance that you’ll get the cards you need. From here, you can work out how many outs you need for bets to be worth playing. The more outs you have, the higher wager you should be willing to place.

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