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Explore all the aspects you need to know about the game of Pool Rummy

Pool rummy

Pool rummy card games have been popular entertainment and have brought numerous gatherings with friends and family to life. All it took was a deck of cards and a group of enthusiastic people playing rummy. 

However, just like other traditional games, rummy has also gotten on the digital train. Consequently, you can now play pool rummy online at any time and from anywhere in the world on platforms like GetMega. Let’s explore all the aspects you need to know about the game Pool Rummy in this post.

What is Pool Rummy, and how does it work?

In Pool Rummy, players pay a set entrance fee that contributes to the prize pool. Each deal is worth one point, with the rest added to your score. When players’ scores reach the table’s maximum points limit, they are removed from the game, such as the 101 Points Pool or the 201 Points Pool.

How to Play Pool Rummy

Below is how you can play the game;

  • You will have to pay a fixed entry fee to join a Pool Rummy table.
  • A toss determines the first player to make a move.
  • Each player is given a random hand of 13 cards.
  • The first card is put in the open deck to indicate that the game has begun.
  • The remaining cards are laid face-down in the deck slot.
  • Then you have to select a joker card randomly if you want to start each game
  • A joker, which is a Joker card that has been deliberately left blank on one side or both sides, may be used to finish sets and sequences.
  • If a printed joker is picked as the Joker for a game, players may utilize any Ace card of any suit as a Joker in their sets and sequences.

What is an Auto Drop in this game?

 During a Pool Rummy game, a player may automatically discard. The first drop score will be used to determine whether the player may participate in the next deal. If this individual is dropped from a future deal, they can rejoin later.

How do players get Eliminated in this game?

When a player’s score in Pool Rummy reaches the maximum limit of points on a particular table, they are removed from the game. For example, if a player has 101 points in a pool with a maximum of 200 points, they will be eliminated when their score reaches 101.

How is the prize Splited in this game

If you are playing on GetMega, you can utilize the ‘Split’ option in pool rummy to split the prize money. It will be based on the player’s remaining drops. The number of drops left is the number of times a player can drop a game before being eliminated. 

What are the objectives of this game?

  • Arrange the cards in your hand in sequences and sets.
  • Each player takes turns selecting or discarding a card from the closed or open deck to complete sets and sequences.
  • To declare your sets and sequences, you may move a card to the end slot.
  • To notify the player that they must exhibit the cards in hand, they should be arranged in sets or sequences.

What are the highest possible points a player can receive?

A player is eliminated from the table in this form of GetMega Rummy when their score reaches the maximum limit on a single table. For example, in a pool with 101 points, a player will be eliminated when their score gets 101 points.


The above are all the aspects you need to know about the game of Pool Rummy. You must form a good strategy to win the game. To understand and play the game, you can follow the above information, become a winner, and get rewards. One of the best platforms you can use to play the game is GetMega, and you can give it a try.

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